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Robertson Surveyors and Consultants Ltd offer a wide range of asbestos services, including surveys, sampling,  analysis and project management.


Asbestos surveys

Registered in Scotland SC297477

type 1..

Presumptive survey

A presumptive survey is usually regarded by many as the cheapest option as the surveyor will not take any samples during the survey. However, any savings from the cost of not sampling is usually incurred through managing material that is visually similar to asbestos, but a non-asbestos substitute.

This survey suits organisations who utilise simple buildings such as bare brick industrial units or will shortly be carrying out extensive type 3 surveys.

You are still required to manage all presumptions as asbestos materials until proven otherwise.

type 2..

Sampling Survey

The most common type of survey requested by clients. Small samples are taken of materials and sent to a UKAS laboratory for analysis using polarised light microscopy (PLM). Robertson SC also sample materials that are often mistaken for asbestos products, this ensures that potential maintenance works do not cease for investigation of the material.

This survey suits the majority of clients who have commercial, industrial units or lease residential properties within their portfolio.

type 3..

Primarily used to locate asbestos products prior to refurbishment or demolition works.

These surveys tend to be unsuitable for compliance as they are fully intrusive and are only required to record extents, product and asbestos type.